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Thank You Gift’s for Merthyr Key Workers

We are encouraging the public to add to our thank you pot with 100% of donations going towards delivering Merthyr Gift Cards to as many of our key workers as possible.

We know that everyone is currently indebted to a lot of amazing and hard-working people who we will potentially never know, never meet and never be able to thank in person, and we would like to play our part in thanking those workers.

As an organisation, we exist to help ensure that businesses in Merthyr town centre can thrive. Giving our key workers a gift card to spend when the lockdown is lifted is the perfect way to support all.

Merthyr Gift Cards are redeemable across the town centre so whether your donation finds its way to an NHS worker or teacher, a care home assistant or a delivery driver, they’ll be able to visit the town and treat themselves to something they’ll love.

You can visit to see a list of businesses that currently accept the gift card. The Merthyr Gift Card is ongoing, and so there is a possibility that funds donated to this pot will be spent in any business within Merthyr town centre in the future and not just those currently listed.

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Sarah Hicks

Thank you and best wishes to all xx

Collection Pot

Delighted to kick off this big thank you for the amazing key workers of Merthyr

Elizabeth Bedford

Well done everybody xx

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£45.00 raised

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Pot closed on 31st July 2020